Optimizer Lures Since 1983

How We Got Started

    Back in the late 80’s, the Honeybee had already secured a significant spot in New York anglers tackle boxes. As a slow trolling spoon it was making a name for itself. But more and more attention was being turned to the offshore fishery for King salmon in Lake Ontario. 

    One of the logistical problems of this fishery, was the vastness of the area and the difficulty in locating roving schools of Kings. It seemed natural to search for a spoon that can be pulled at higher speeds thereby allowing an angler to cover much more area in the same amount of time. 
    Jim Martino did that when he created Honeybees. Jim  took the basic patented shape of the BI and began to experiment with different metals in slightly different configurations. It didn’t take long before the first Optimizer prototypes came about as the result of substituting brass for aluminum. Also the switch was made from a single hook to a treble hook, and from welded rings to split rings. It became apparent that the size of the split ring was critical as well to the overall performance at high speeds. Also using a rounded snap and swivel also allowed The Optimizer to achieve maximum performance at approximately twice the speed of the honeybees. 
    Another phenomenon also was observed in that unlike other spoons going to slow would cause The Optimizer hydroplane and if the line were long enough, to actually come out of the water. With the right size rings, a one- ought Eagle claw treble hook and a speed of at least 3 ½ mph, The Optimizer on a level playing field found that no significant change in action would occur all away up to 5+ miles per hour. Another feature was that surges in boat speeds from rough water or significant turns, would not alter the fish catching characteristics of The Optimizer.

    So given the fact that you could cover at least twice the distance and not be concerned with waves, currents and changes in directions, this became the ultimate search tool. Not only that...now you could troll at twice the speed, covering twice the distance!! The Optimizer became everyone's "go-to spoon"

    Now The Optimizer has found a new home in No. California, being manufactured and distributed by Trinidad Tackle, and has plans to move into Oregon, Washington and Alaska in the Spring of 2017!  Now the West Coast will gets it's chance to try out the Optimizer on this side of the Country!